National Wealth Center FAQ

The National Wealth Center FAQ The Questions I Get Asked All The Time (FAQ) regarding the National Wealth Center:

1. What does it cost to start and how much exactly do I make? There’s a $25 minimum membership fee cost. Everyone who joins will receive 100% commissions for each and every sale.

2. Do I have to pay the fee once or monthly? The $25 fee has to be paid every month, this is the only way members are paid residual income every month. Let’s just say you sign-up 50 people, you will be earning between $500 to $1250 every single month with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation.

But with the higher monthly Levels($50 and $100) you will be earning Between $5,000 to $10,000 monthly.

3. Does National Wealth Center Refund? how do I cancel my account? The National Wealth Center does not refund. Every referral you get is paid instantly to you. When ever you make a decision to cancel your subscription with this business, Just log into your account scroll down to you see a link that says ‘Click here to make your payment’ click on that than underneath the program that is active click on the link that says ‘Click here to cancel your credit card subscription’.

4. How fast does it take to start making money with this business? Well it all comes down to how ambitious and determined you are to motivate other people to join this great opportunity. you can market this program online or off online as well. The business is very easy to promote and it also has a very low start-up cost, Huge beneficial product line, And the best compensation plan online.

5. So what are the product that I will be selling with this business? The products that your going be selling that comes with your membership will be training videos & audio library with tutorials that are worth thousands of dollars. From ‘how to trainings on computer softwares  (Powerpoint, Excel, Microsoft Office, Etc.) online marketing (SEO, Ebay Selling, Website Creation Etc.) Just about everything you can think of.

6. Do I Have To Pay ADMIN fee like many other companies,Does this opportunity have any upsells? The answer is Yes there is a $19.95 admin fee. No there are no ‘upsells’ the 1 time higher monthly level products are just optional, the only level that is mandatory is the $25 Self Development level.

7. I don’t live in the U.S.,will I still be able to join? The answer is YES, The business is a worldwide opportunity.

8. Will I be able to see my downline members? The answer is YES, You will be able to see every member that has joined your team as well as send them emails which will be located at the top of the national wealth center homepage within the team feature.

9. In case I have any problems, Can I get assistants? The answer is YES, we have a support team to assist you with any problems or issues you may have.

10. Is the national wealth center a pyramid scheme or a MLM Program? No the National Wealth Center is not a pyramid scheme or a mlm program it is an affiliate marketing program with a unique compensation plan.

11. How is this company able to make any money when they pay their members 100% commissions? This company is able to make money from the $19.95 admin fee that you are charged and also from paid tools and resources that you can purchase to help you build your business.

12. How will I receive my commissions? The National Wealth Center provides a few different payment processors, which many are FREE.

13. What is the waiting period to get paid? There is no waiting period because your paid instantly.

14. In the national wealth center compensation plan what does the term “Qualified” mean?Qualified” simply means that downline members are qualified to receive 2nd in 4th pass up sales from their downline members. Every member becomes qualified after they have pass up their 4th sale to their sponsor.

If you’re ready to Take Action please click on the button images below to join now in also call me or send me an email and I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have (my information is below).

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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