Should You Trust Mlm Review Websites And Their Opinions

Should You Trust Mlm Review Websites And Their OpinionsShould you trust Mlm Scam Review websites and their opinions and are they giving valid information about Network marketing companies, Is every Multi Level Marketing business a Ponzi Scheme or Scam. This scam review websites have been floating around the web for quite some time now claiming to be scam buster sites, They are supposed to help you from joining Multi Level Marketing companies and preventing you from being schemed. So who are the people behind these so-called scam review websites.

The biggest question is who are these people who claim to know so much about the network marketing industry so well. Those people are known other than ex network marketers who had no success in the industry and failed miserably. So know they have decided to take another approach to gaining exposure to themselves by talking down on each and every multi level marketing company and giving people false information and a bad taste and their mouth about the network marketing industry.


Ethan vanderbuiltOne of the biggest scam review website names that have been circulating around the internet for a few short years now has been known other than Ethan Vanderbuilt. He claim to be a scam buster who does reviews on Multi level Marketing companies. Every review he does is bias, He calls every network marketing company a scam even the companies that have been around for decades. He feeds off building Controversy as a tactic to draw attention to himself, He creates Youtube videos that he literally bashes every single Multi level Marketing business and he gets over hundreds of thousands of views on his videos. That he uses to drive traffic to his website to make money.

Are  some of these Scam Review Sites Legit. Well I mean people are entitled to their own opinions but if your going to give reviews. Your suppose to give the pros and cons about the business not just trash talk it down. That’s being unprofessional, And that’s one of the biggest problems that I have with some of these Review Websites. If you know keyword research than you would know that the keyword Scam is one of the most highly searched terms on google. But at the end of the day it’s all a Marketing Strategy  to get more traffic and build a following. They also try to make you believe that they have your best interest at heart by being dishonest and manipulating you to gain more attention to their websites and YouTube videos .

Hope you enjoyed this article but I’m end this by saying if your going to join any type of Multi Level Marketing Business make sure you do your research on your own because majority of these companies break down everything you need to know about them on their website and majority of these review website are just people giving their opinions and views on things and don’t get me wrong some of the people who write these Scam Review Websites give out great information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime my information is below and best of luck to you on your journey.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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