Online vs offline marketing what is the difference

Online vs offline marketing what is the difference I get asked all the time which marketing method is the most effective out of online and offline marketing. I have also heard some people say they have used both methods to market and promote their business and have had success with them both so what is the difference between the two. To be honest with you I have personally never used offline marketing before, The only resources I have used have been online marketing. But and my own opinion I will give you my thoughts on the two and also break down the differences so you get a clear understanding, So let’s go ahead and get right into it.

Online-MarketingI will start off with online marketing. The reason I love to use online marketing is because I’m able to connect with people from all different walks of life. Not to mention the different resources there are to use online, it’s so many ways to advertise yourself on the internet. You have social media that has over millions of people who log into social media on a daily basis so just imagine how you could benefit from that. Than you have seo optimization, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing the list goes on. And you also have a greater opportunity to reach people who you wouldn’t be able to reach with offline marketing.

offline-marketingLike I said before I have no experience with offline marketing, But I have friends and colleagues who have used offline marketing and have done quite well with it. A lot of people I know who do offline advertising use postcards, business card or have events at their homes, Postcard marketing and business card marketing is a very effective method to use if used correctly. You basically place you’re postcards on the side of people car doors so once they open their car door they see you’re opportunity. When it comes to business cards you can hand them out at stores and restaurants or any place that has a lot people. You can purchase these items at your local staple store for a reasonable price and have them designed the way you want them.

The Difference between the two is online marketing is something you will have to learn so it’s going to take sometime before you start to benefit from it but if you’re someone like me looking for longevity than online marketing is for you but if you’re someone looking to speed up the process than offline marketing is for you as long as you can sell what ever you trying to market over the phone, Make sure if you’re going to do offline marketing that you know everything about what you’re trying sell so you are able to answer questions without hesitating over anything.

Hope this article was very informational and helped you out with the differences between online and offline marketing. Test These different marketing methods to see which one you have the most success with. But if you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime my information is below. best of luck to you and you’re journey.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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