Is Vemma A Legitimate Business Or Just Another Pyramid Scheme

Is Vemma A Legitimate Business Or Just Another Pyramid Scheme Today I will be talking about vemma better known as verve, You may have heard of this company before. Vemma is one of the biggest and most successful multi level marketing company in the industry. The question I get asked all the time is vemma a legitimate business or just another network marketing pyramid scheme who leads people on and takes their money. Well in this article post I will be giving you the ins and out of this company so you know what to expect before joining.

Shall we begin ladies and gentlemen laugh out loud I always wanted to say that but all jokes a side. Most of the people who join vemma are mostly college students who are broke and vulnerable in who are intrigued by the lifestyle vemma pitches and broadcasts. Vemma promises its distributors a BMW depending on how high in the business your willing to rank and are able to achieve within the company but to be honest with you it will take you forever before you are able to even reach that level within the company because you would have to recruit over thousands of people and they also promise their members bonuses depending on how many distributors they have recruited in the company in an entire week .

Benson K. Boreyko

Benson K. Boreyko

The CEO of vemma is Benson K. Boreyko better known as Bk. The company was found back in 2004. Vemma has grossed over $221 million in revenue since 2013. The company has been under investigation and shut down a few times due to the company operating under an injunction which restricts certain marketing activity and compensation methods. Vemma primarily focuses on recruiting college aged people as distributors which the Federal Trade Commission has received dozens of complaints about vemma from parents and college organizations.

Vemma products are over priced in expensive and if you’re not able to make any sales then your going to be out of luck. there’s only two ways to make money with this business recruiting and making money off your downline in your downline team members or buying bundles of shipment products and selling them to earn your money back but to be straight forward with you. You will have to sell this products at a high price just to see half your cash back. So what products will you be selling as distributor, Vemma has four products line Vemma, Verve, Bod-e and Next which contains vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen, aloe and some of this products also contain caffeine as well.

Make sure to do your diligence before jumping into any of this type of companies so you know before hand what you’re getting yourself into because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money and then end up quitting because the opportunity wasn’t what you expected it to be. there are a very sort hand of people who exactly become successful in this industry. It’s going to take patience and hard work and that goes for anything in life so don’t expect to be making money over night. Not to say you want so if you decide Vemma is for you be prepared to work.

Hope you enjoyed this article post if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime my information is below best of luck to you on your journey.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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