Is Primerica A Legitimate Business Or Pyramid Scheme

Is Primerica An Pyramid Scheme Or Legitimate BusinessIs Primerica a pyramid scheme or legitimate business and I can answer that for you it is not a scheme or scam or what ever you want to call it, Primerica is a legitimate business. This company has actual products and services that you can benefit from and I will be getting into it in more details a little bit later in this article post. To clear up what a pyramid scheme is nothing other than a business model that promises you money to recruit people into a business without providing a service or product. Which other people aren’t able to profit from while you are making all the money know that’s a scheme.

I am not affiliated or associated with this business, I’m just someone who gives honest and authentic reviews on this mlm companies. Instead of calling all this multi marketing companies a scam I do my diligence and research all these companies. So why do I firmly stand behind my words that Primerica isn’t a scheme, Well for one Primerica has been in business since 1977 which is approximately 40 plus years and has a gross network of 1.34 billion dollars since the year of 2014. So tell me what business or company has that type of longevity and is a scheme.

Primerica was founded by Arthur L. Williams, Jr., The company was original started by mass-marketing the concept of buy term and Invest the difference. Arthur L. Williams was initially a privately held general agency selling term life insurance policies.  The owner of American Can Company which was formerly a Dow Jones 30 blue chip can and container producing company were seeking other business avenues which were providing financial service providers and Life insurance holding because the manufacturing industry was dying. American Can and PennCorp signed a merger agreement making American Can the parent company of PennCorp and MILICO. in 1986 american can company sold the company and the rights to the company name to nelson peltz’s. And then eventually the company name would be changed to Primerica Corporation which is formerly known as “Primerica“.

So how do you acquire becoming a member of Primerica well to become a member of Primerica. You will have to pay $100 fee then you will be told you have to take a test and once you have passed you will be given your very own insurance license which you can use at anytime you choice. The company is big on having meetings and events in also traveling to different cities and states for conventions. Businesses like Primerica are using multi level marketing options within their businesses because for one it’s very lucrative and instead of paying advertisers to market their businesses they are paying regular people like me and you to promote their companies in return to make a profit by selling their products and services.

Here are the products you have access to when you have Joined the Company team life insurance, debt consolidation loans, Primerica debtwatchers, mutual fund investments, auto & homeowners insurance, variable annuities, segregated funds, longterm care insurance services and pre-paid legal services. Like I said before the company has valuable and beneficial products that you can use and benefit from. If you’re joining the company just for the products that’s fine but if you’re joining Primerica to get involved with the business opportunity part. Than you should know you have to recruit people and that means you have to go out and persuade people into joining your business which is very hard not saying you’re not capable of doing it but I’m just letting you know how hard of a task it can be trying to get other people interested into this type of opportunities. If you do decide to be apart of Primerica, The company reimburses you back your $100 but in order for that to happen you have to at least recruited three new members to your Primerica team.

Hope you enjoyed this article post if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime my information is below best of luck to you on your journey.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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