Is Empower network Another Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity

Is Empower network A Scam Or Legitimate OpportunityHey guys welcome to another post of mine. Today I will be covering the Empower Network, Giving you the ins and outs of the business. Is Empower Network legitimate or just another scam trying to take people’s money. I was once a member of this program so I can give you the inside scoop of this business from my experience. Empower Network was created by two guys Dave wood and Dave Sharpe. Who have both been in numerous network marketing companies for a long time. Dave Wood had remarkable success and previous mlm companies that he was involved with. He also claims to have been homeless and sleeping and his van for some years before reaching success with blogging. Dave Sharpe who has claimed to have been a drug addict which he talks about. Changed his life by cleaning himself up and then later getting involved into the network marketing industry which he had tremendous success with as well.

Dave Wood                   Dave Sharpe

Dave Wood             Dave Sharpe

The Empower Network was created in 2011. So what makes the Empower Network seem so Schemish, For one they promote the Empower Network to only cost $25. Which is a complete lie soon as you join and pay your $25 you are told you’re not fully a member just yet until you have paid additional $19.99 to become affiliate, which they leave out when advertising this business. The Empower Network is built around a wordpress blogging platform that you can get online for free with wordpress. They put all their banners and logos all over the blogging website that you are given so basically you’re not even branding yourself your branding them and driving even more traffic and exposure to Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.

What makes the company even more fishy is as soon as you start recruiting people. And you make a withdrawal it takes nearly three whole weeks to receive your money. When you talk to their support team, You are told that new members have to wait because the system has to get use to you and it takes time pending because Empower Network has to collect their fees and all new members go through this process. After Empower Network have taken out their fees you realize that it’s majority of your money that they have taken out. For example say if you recruit someone on the $25 level you will get back around $20.00 which I think is bogus because the company claims to give out 100% percent commissions.

After the company has promised and advertised that they pay out 100% percent commissions and pay instantly the same day which is a lie, The business is built on hype. You are also pressured by your sponsor to upgrade to higher levels within the company if you don’t than they say you’re not serious about building your business. The biggest problem I had with this business is you can’t even get in contact with either Dave Wood or Dave Sharp because the phone numbers they provide you with if you join underneath anyone of those guys are fake and not real and in my opinion you should be personally able to reach the ceo of any company which is unacceptable and unprofessional.

And to make things even worse the company is based out of Costa Rica which makes it feel and seem like a huge scam. It makes you wonder why is this business way over their in another country in the first place if those guys are from here and why isn’t it in the United states. The company has over thousands of complaints and majority of their top leader’s have quit and moved on to other mlm businesses. Each and every year Empower Network throws these huge events that they celebrate with their top leader’s and hand out this huge checks and tell these amazing success stories and also use it as a way to recruit new members to their business by selling them on a dream on how they can be the next top six figure earner.

Their products are mostly audio training videos and like I said before you can get a blogging website online for free and hosting is pretty cheap. It will only cost you $11.95 out of pocket at hostgator to run your own blogging website so paying $45 bucks isn’t even worth it on a blog that you can get for free at wordpress. Their products range from $25 to $3500 and the training audios are very old. and majority of their top earners are people who have already had success and other mlm businesses and have a big following already and has some type of popularity within the network marketing industry. I don’t recommend this program for beginners. This business is for people who have experience and the network marketing industry already.

Hope you enjoyed this article if you have any question please feel free to contact me at anytime my information is below best of luck to you on your journey.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams

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