How To Sell on Amazon And Ebay

C2ACFSo you want to know how to sell on Ebay and Amazon. And this article I’m going to teach you how to profit from each and every item you are trying to sell, I’m also going to teach you how to set up account with both of this websites and take a very simple item you have lying around the house or maybe find something and you’re garage that you haven’t used and years and flip it into cash. I’m also going to show you step by step on how to use Amazon and pick the right products that are selling on Ebay.

Before I begin I will give you a brief overview on what Ebay and amazon are. Ebay is one of the largest auction sites on the internet that provides consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales services on the internet, People join Ebay everyday and hopes of  either buying something or selling something they don’t want anymore to make a profit. Amazon on the other hand is a electronic commerce and cloud computing company that sells a variety of consumer goods. With Amazon you sell their products or you can have them sell yours and every product you sell from amazon you are paid half of the earnings.

It’s very easy and simple to sell on Ebay like I said before look around your house for things you haven’t used and awhile. Some people go to yard sales, thrift shops ,outlets or sneaker stores or etc.. For an example say you’re someone who buys and sells Jordan Sneakers and in a few days a new pair are about to be released and you know that’s the only day you will be able to purchase them. And there are only 20 pairs that are being sold that day and you know for a fact how high they will be on the market because that’s the only day they will ever be out and so many people want to buy them so you buy a pair than you decide you want to Resell them on Ebay. You have spent $180 on those shoes but now your relisting them on Ebay for $220 and you ended up getting a sell. You just have doubled up on your profit.

When creating a seller account on ebay you will be given two options. You will be asked to choose between either you would like to sell your own items or you would rather have ebay professional sales team sell them for you. If you choose option one make sure to upload a least ten pictures of the item you are trying to sell so buyers are able to see how exactly it looks. Give descriptive details about the item. Also make sure to set up a payment method you would like to use, They give you different payment options to choose from. Also make sure to set up how you would like to ship the item off to the customer. After each sell, Ebay will take out some fees and depending on the payment processor you use will to.

To become a seller on amazon you will have to signup for the one month free trial. Upon signup you will be asked to choose from categories you are interested and selling. So amazon can provide you with those items and don’t worry if you want to choose more things to sell you are able to. You will also be asked to put a credit card on file and also your information as well as a number to confirm your account. So how to choose the right item to sell on amazon. Well there’s a Analyzing Tool called Terapeak that you can use to help you find what items are selling the most on ebay and amazon. This tool will help you with just about anything you need to know.

Hope this article was very informational for you. Hope you got a clear understanding on how to sell on ebay and amazon and how to use them both. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me my information is below.

To Your Success,

Daquarie Williams


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